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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up to 123fone

You do not need to register to use the 123fone cheap calls service. You simply dial the access number for the country that you wish to call and then dial the international number in full at any time during the prompt.

How do I use 123fone?

You just dial the access number corresponding with the destination you wish to call, followed by the full international number. That's all.

How will my calls be billed?

The charges for calls to our access numbers will simply appear on your normal telephone bill from your telephone provider.

From the 1st of July 2015 OFCOM have changed to the way calls to 08 and 09 numbers are billed.

Call charges to our access numbers will be split into two parts:

• The ‘Access Charge’ – this is how much the customer’s phone company (landline or mobile provider) will charge the customer per minute for making the call

• The ‘Service Charge’ – this is the charge that is set by 123fone Just Dial as the provider of the service.

The sum of the ‘Access Charge’ and ‘Service Charge’ is the total cost of the call to our 08 & 09 cheap international access numbesr and will be detailed on your bill. Your service provider will make the distinction between the two charges on their bills.

The Total Cost of a call will = the Access Charge + the Service Charge

For example, if your phone company charges 5p per minute for calls to 084 and 087 numbers – that is their access charge, and if the service charge for a particular access number is 10p per minute, the call would cost 15p per minute (the service charge), plus 5p per minute (the access charge). So the call would cost a total of 15p per minute.

Are there peak and off-peak rates?

No, all our call rates are flat rates meaning they are same no matter when you you use them.

Why am I unable to dial certain 123fone access numbers?

Your service provider may bar access to certain numbers. We suggest you contact them and request they open up the number you wish to call. They may also bar access to numbers beginning 09, again please contact your service provider to have the bar lifted.

Can I use 123fone from payphones?

Our access numbers are accessible from any UK phone, including payphones. However, be aware that calls from payphones could be surcharged , please check before calling.

Can I use 123fone from my mobile?

Yes, you can. However, access charges may vary. Check with your service provider before calling.

Can I use 123fone if I am with Virgin Media?

The 123fone access numbers can be used from most landlines including Virgin Media. The billing process for our access numbers works exactly the same as with BT.

Virgin Media's access charge to our 084, 087 & 09 access numbers may be different to those from BT. We advise you to check by visiting the Virgin Media website.

When do call charges start?

You will be charged from the moment you are connected to our service, not the moment the call is answered at the other end. We therefore advise replacing the handset after a short period if your call is engaged or remains unanswered and try again later.

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